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(Officials Fee Schedule Mileage Calculator)


The UIL has implemented a flat fee system for reimbursing officials for travel based on the mileage between the school they are officiating and their chapter center point. Use the tool below to calculate the mileage between your school and a chapter center point.

IRS W-9  Blank W-9 (Current 2017) 
Training Material Training Material - before/during/after a game
How to Use Arbiter Arbiter Manual

No Show/Give Back Policy

What happens when you no show or give back games w/ less than 24 hrs.
Non Pay Process What to do when you do not get paid within 45 days

Playoff Process

This process is currently under review by the Board

CCA Manual
Collegiate Baseball Umpires Manual (pdf)

Approved Uniforms

(Beta not Finalized)

Final Uniform policy has not been set yet so please check before you purchase anything out of the ordinary 
Hats TBD (New hats will be required, No TASO hats should be worn.)



MATCH YOUR PARTNER! Default shirt is Black with white pinstipes on collar and sleeves. Also approved are variations on Black, Pro Powder, Tan, Royal Blue. 
Pants Charcoal Gray
Shoes  Plate Shoes are required. Base shoes majority Black but can have some white.
Other Items Throat gurad recomended, black socks, black gloves (if needed), 


These are just some of the many vendors you can purchase equipment from, there is no official vendor endorsed by Alliance Umpires Association

Officialsports.net  https://officialsports.net/ 
Legends Athletics Supply http://www.legendsathleticsupply.com/ 
Officials Gear Outlet
Stripes Plus  www.stripesplus.com/default_v3.aspx 

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