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Our mission at AUA is to provide High School Baseball Teams in North Texas with the finest officiating possible. Our Umpires spend countless hours in both the classroom and in field mechanics clinics, learning what it takes to become an Elite Official. Through our mentoring program, independent evaluations and positive feedback from Officiating Partners, our Umpires "Stay on top of their game."

This site was created to help new members to the Alliance Umpire Association prepare for HS baseball and existing members to brush up on.

The Alliance Chapter is a member of a larger organization, TASO (Texas Association of Sports Officials). We are a Training and Scheduling organization, that prepares you and continues to train officials for the betterment of HS baseball officiating. The material presented on this site is an accumulation of information from various resources to help you prepare and umpire HS baseball. Officiating in any sport requires much more than just rules. For baseball it is more than balls, strikes, out or safe. There has to be and understanding of why a rule is there, and game management. Game management itself requires great discipline and self control.

What you need to do is go through this site and review all the material provided. This is not a REPLACEMENT but to get you prepared for the training sessions that will start the first week of January every year. This site will be also be a valuable resource for you to come to and refresh your knowledge whenever you need.


·         1. Umpire Duties

o    1.1 Before the Game

o    1.2 Game Day

o    1.3 Pre Game

o    2.1 Umpire Jurisdiction

o    2.2 During the Game

o    2.3 Post Game

·         2. General Business

o    1.1 What is expected...

o    1.2 Games/Umpires/Game Sites/Equipment to Buy

o    1.3 How do I get paid?

·         3. Rules

o    1. Players, Field and Equipment

o    2. Playing Terms and Definitions

o    3. Substituting-Coaching-Bench and Field Conduct Charged Conference

o    4. Starting and Ending a Game

o    5. Dead Ball - Suspension of Play

o    6. Pitching

o    7. Batting

o    8. Baserunning

o    9 - 10. Scoring - Record Keeping and Umpiring

·         4. Mechanics

·         5. Game Management

·         6. Post Season

·      7. Practice Test


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