UPDATED 8/6/2018


REGULAR Membership Chapter meetings - Mark your calendars with the following dates

(2018/19 Chapter Meeting and New Member Training - TBD by Sept 30th 2018 or before)


Other Information


You are required by the Chapter to participate in no less than 3(three) Scrimmages (the entire scrimmage each 3 hrs. max) in the Spring. Though you do not get paid for the time the Chapter does. When you work a scrimmage the schools pay the chapter and this money helps to keep the cost of dues down and gives us additional money for the rainy day reserves.

Schedules – Pictures

  • Schedules- We are working on the schedules now… PLEASE make sure your availability is up to date in Arbiter.
  • Pictures- Also again please add or update your picture in Arbiter. Headshot, no sunglasses, clean shave (head and/or face) and correct portrait orientation of the picture…

Baseball Test/Playoffs

  • Requirments are currently under review.

The below CALENDAR IS NOT UPDATED (6-8-18)


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